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🔬 Uncover Plastic Secrets with GC-FID! 🔬

Welcome to another exciting „Application Tuesday“! Plastics are like that mysterious friend who’s everywhere but somehow manages to stay incognito. 🕵️‍♂️ Did you know residual solvents and monomers in plastics can impact health and performance? Wondering how to spot them? Meet our solution: the PerkinElmer, Inc., Inc. GC 2400™ System with FID! It’s like giving Sherlock Holmes glasses to unveil those sneaky compounds.

💡 Analyzing the Unseen: #PlasticAnalysis 💡
Residual solvents and monomers are crucial in plastic manufacturing, but their presence post-production can pose risks. Leaching from dental appliances to impacting safety in aviation, it’s vital to ensure their detection.

📚 Dig Deeper with Our Application Note 📚
Ready to explore further? Our application note on GC-FID analysis of residual solvents and monomers in plastics is right below, waiting to elevate your understanding.

Let’s continue pushing the boundaries of innovation together! Stay tuned for more insights every „Application Tuesday.“

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GC-MS: SVOC Analysis