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🔬 APPLICATION TUESDAY – Liquid Chromatography 🥛

Unlock the secrets of milk safety with PerkinElmer’s QSight LC/MS/MS System! 🚀 Monitoring antibiotics and veterinary drugs in milk is crucial for food safety.

👉 Challenges & Solutions:
Discover how we overcome complexities, using two methods for over 30 analytes. From polar to less polar, our innovative approach ensures precision.

📊 Validation & Reliability:
Our methods are rigorously validated, proving sensitivity and reliability. Get ready for the standard in milk quality assurance!

🌐 Learn More:
Want to delve into the details? Check out our application note for in-depth insights ⬇

Safeguard milk quality with innovation and reliability – where science meets safety! 🥛🔬 #ApplicationTuesday #FoodSafetyInFocus #ScienceInAction #antibiotics #Solutions4Science #S4Science #FoodSafety #LiquidChromatography #Chromatography PerkinElmer, Inc.

GC-MS: SVOC Analysis