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🔧🧪 Yesterday we wrapped up an incredible ‚Troubleshooting GC and Headspace‘ Workshop! The highlight of the day was definitely the hands-on activities and the profound exploration of mistakes in the chromatograms.

A big shoutout to Anna Pulte and Ulrike Trinkl for their invaluable input and excellent collaboration! 🙌A huge thank you to all the participants and customers who joined us. Your engagement and enthusiasm were palpable throughout the day. 🌟And of course, special thanks to the Service 4 Science GmbH team for their seamless cooperation! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Looking forward to more successful events like these in the future. 🤝

Until next time! 🔬🔧

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GC-MS: SVOC Analysis
GC-MS: SVOC Analysis